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Random Tor Node Operator tor at unterderbruecke.de
Fri Feb 26 10:52:50 UTC 2016

On 26.02.2016 05:15, torserver at datakanja.de wrote:
>   * Next, i noticed a frequent (daily) behavior of the Tor server
>     dropping traffic to around zero. Inspecting this, let me to
>     understand, my provider was disconnecting me and reassigning a new
>     IP on a daily basis, which took some time to propagate. Even worse:
>     It did not propagate on its own, i needed to restart the tor service
>     to reinitialise...

Instead of a Tor Relay, you can operate a Tor Bridge, perhaps with obfs4.
A regularly changing IP address is less of a problem for bridges. It may
even be of advantage. Once its IP address gets blacklisted by
adversarial actors, you already have a new one. (Of course they could
still simply block the whole /16 or whatever your ISP has)

A bridge will get a lot less traffic than a relay though.
Mine is sometimes idle for weeks, some other time is get a couple GB per

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