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Tristan supersluether at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 04:45:18 UTC 2016

That's just strange that your ISP would keep changing your IP address that
often. It seems to me that the daily change was the only major problem you
were facing.
On Feb 25, 2016 10:39 PM, <torserver at datakanja.de> wrote:

> Hello,
> i have been running a new relay for a short time period now and would
> like to bring to your attention the issues faced, that finally led me to
> refrain from keeping this up any longer:
>   * Documentation was ok (on torproject.org) and the installation (using
>     deb on ubuntu) was easy.
>   * It took quite some time to understand the implications (opening
>     ports in the router, hazarding security to my computers, as i was -
>     to this date - relying on the routers firewall working) - This job
>     of mine basically got delayed until later, when i would have
>     learned, what is needed in that respect.
>   * Next, i noticed a frequent (daily) behavior of the Tor server
>     dropping traffic to around zero. Inspecting this, let me to
>     understand, my provider was disconnecting me and reassigning a new
>     IP on a daily basis, which took some time to propagate. Even worse:
>     It did not propagate on its own, i needed to restart the tor service
>     to reinitialise...
>   * Asking in the online channel, i was guided to change my "Nickname"
>     torrc config to match the dyndns entry corresponding to my server.
>   * But this never made it to the directories, thus forcing me to
>     manually restart Tor on a daily basis in order to force the changing
>     IP address into them.
>   * Finally, i was told, this behavior would be disruptive to the
>     network, i therefore brought the service down for good, wasting the
>     bandwith, i was willing to spend, for the near future. :-)
>   * Ok, otherwise, i would have to pay additional fees to rent a server
>     off-site with a permanent IP, but that would be giving more, than
>     what was easily affordable, as my machine is running 24/7 and the
>     connections open anyway. Thus Tor doesnt seem to be able to absorb
>     the kind of bandwith, i was willing to share long time.
> This is leaving a sad taste on me, who is pretty much interested in
> privacy, anonymosity, which led me to avoid the mailing lists with a
> durable email-address. But just using a read-only one wouldnt allow me
> to post to the list. That is why i created this one temporarily, just to
> let you know about my experiences...
> NewTorKidOnTheBlock
> (this was the name of my Tor relay)
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