[tor-relays] Re-Install Tor on raspberry, keep torrc and fingerprint

Volker Mink volker.mink at gmx.de
Thu Feb 4 21:44:50 UTC 2016

Hello there.

I recently updated my Raspberry to the Jessie-Release. During this procedure
TOR updated to 0.2.7.x (?).
Now I have the problem that TOR is running as a new process and I cannot
access it via ARM. 

Everytime I start ARM, any user, it show the "Menu" where I can choose as
what the TOR should work. I say "last config".

In the status screen it says:

22:32:37 [ARM_WARN] Connection refused. Is the ControlPort enabled?


arm - raspberrypi (Linux 4.1.13+)

Tor Disconnected (press r to reconnect)


On page 4:


page 4 / 5 - m: menu, p: pause, h: page help, q: quit

Tor Configuration File:

1 ### Unable to load the torrc ###



What to do? For me it looks the best to remove TOR completely and reinstall
it clean. But how to keep my Fingerprint and the Stats?
Or anyone has a idea how to fix this. Im not so deep into linux to fix this




Anyone can help me?


Best regards,




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