[tor-relays] Search warrant and house search because of an exit in DE

Dr Gerard Bulger gerard at bulger.co.uk
Sat Apr 30 18:27:31 UTC 2016

Correct my exit normally goes via VPN running on the second IP, but this
week I have changed server to a new Linux VPS machine, I have not yet got
VPN to work without cutting off the branch I am sitting on.  Working at it,
along with problems making the second IP stick on reboot (Plesk on the VPS
is running a script deleting it, my provider is sorting).  So as a temporary
measure it is https proxy.   

TOR Linux could not read my old Windows TOR keys, so it is a new setup.  Is
this a known error?


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On 4/30/16, Dr Gerard Bulger <gerard at bulger.co.uk> wrote:
> Once I set my outgoing connection via a UK and very fast and 
> supposedly "anonymous" proxy server service, I have not heard a squeak
from anyone.
> These proxy services are very cheap, no limits, and offer another 
> level of difficulty for enquiring authorities.

Is what you call a "proxy service" actually a proxy service, or is it a VPN

Your exit accepts more than just http[s], so I doubt it's the former.

> There must be a disadvantage is running an exit node this way, but not 
> sure what it is.

It is not "exonerated". At least not without you using some form of
independant notary service.
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