[tor-relays] Search warrant and house search because of an exit in DE

Dr Gerard Bulger gerard at bulger.co.uk
Sat Apr 30 09:34:59 UTC 2016

I would have the courage to run a Tor Exit from home; home internet in
London too poor to do that anyway, and do not have two IPs here.  The likes
of BBC ban you if your IP is listed as an exit node.

My VPS hosting company sent me various abuse notices once every two months,
which I thought as quite a low rate for 10+Gb a day, but was still an

Once I set my outgoing connection via a UK and very fast and supposedly
"anonymous" proxy server service, I have not heard a squeak from anyone.
These proxy services are very cheap, no limits, and offer another level of
difficulty for enquiring authorities.

There must be a disadvantage is running an exit node this way, but not sure
what it is. 


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