[tor-relays] MaxMemInQueues is set to 256 MB

pa011 pa011 at web.de
Wed Apr 27 21:43:53 UTC 2016

One of my small servers is running on Debian8 for weeks now.

The memory is 256MB only.

Arm is showing  (Linux 3.16.0-4-a...)   Tor (recommended)
cpu: 20.0% tor, 5.7% arm   mem: 136 MB (56.5%) pid: 560

while some 20-40 Mbit/s are running through.

The relay is connected to some 100Mbits/s.

Could somebody please explain what is the maximum throughput I could
possibly reach with "MaxMemInQueues is set to 256 MB" ?

I guess it does not make sense to change the MaxMemInQueues while memory
is only 256MB?

If in case I cant use the whole 100Mbit/s - what would be the minimum
requirement in memory I would need as the CPU is just working on a 20
percent level?

Thank you .

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