[tor-relays] IPv6 bridges (without IPv4 ORPort but IPv4 connectivity)

erwin rolf erwin.rolf at mailbox.org
Sat Apr 23 16:51:28 UTC 2016


I'm running relays on servers which have a single IPv4 address and many IPv6 addresses.

I guess this is a common setup in nowadays hosting environments since you get IPv6 addresses for free.

I'm wondering whether these additional (currently unused) IPv6 addresses could be usefull to run bridges on them.

Even though there are reports that say bridges are blocked on an IP:port basis (not IP only) I would prefere to not use the IPv4 address for the bridge at all since there runs a public relay on it already (something that is blocked already).

I would like to run a config with an IPv6 ORPort only.

To see whether this is currently supported I read:



unfortunately the page reads:

> Note that you'll have to have an IPv4 OR port configured as well, or your bridge will bootstrap but leave its clients hanging at 50% (see #4847)


so my planned setup would not work I guess.

A workaround would probably be to bind to IPv4 as well and ignore the fact that the IPv4 bridge wont be useable since it runs on the same IP as the public relay, but I'd rather wait for a fix of #4847.

#4847 has the milestone set to unknown "0.2.???"

If there are other options, please me know.
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