[tor-relays] Reading check.torproject

eliaz eliaz at riseup.net
Mon Apr 18 07:05:58 UTC 2016

Tim Wilson-Brown - teor:
>> On 18 Apr 2016, at 14:14, eliaz <eliaz at riseup.net> wrote:
>> In looking at the check.torproject.org page on the browser/machine that
>> runs my bridge, I'm used to seeing the same IP address a.b.c.d on the
>> check page ("Your IP address appears to be: a.b.c.d") as in the exit on
>> the path drop-down. But today for several hours a.b.c.d showed on the
>> drop-down but a different address w.x.y.z appeared on the page. Opening
>> up atlas gave a "no results" error until I entered a.b.c.d manually; and
>> w.x.y.z was no tor node; it turned out to belong to a VPN provider which
>> was also poking my ports. Is this discrepancy normal? Should be worried
>> about it? - eliaz
> This sounds like it could be a bad exit redirecting all your traffic through a VPN, while trying to attack you.
> It's somewhat less likely to be a misconfiguration of the proxy settings on your bridge.
> It's normal for tor to change exits occasionally.
> Do you know which exit your tor client was actually using during that time?
> If so, report it to bad-relays at lists.torproject.org
> Tim
> Tim Wilson-Brown (teor)
> teor2345 at gmail dot com
> PGP 968F094B
> ricochet:ekmygaiu4rzgsk6n

Rats, I neglected to save the port scan log. Next time this happens I'll
report as you suggested - eliaz

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