[tor-relays] Using your own Relay as Entry Node

fr33d0m4all fr33d0m4all at riseup.net
Thu Apr 14 21:38:15 UTC 2016

I've seen some time ago a discussion about using your own Tor Relay as
an Entry Node, but I'd like to have your opinion in the following two
scenarios (if it makes any difference switching from 1 to 2):

1) You point at your node when you're in the same network where the node
resides (I mean always by setting EntryNodes in torrc, not by using it
as a SOCKS proxy)

2) You point at your node from a different network than the one in which
the relay is

I think that if your node is being used by others, you would simply be
one of the lots of users passing through it, with the advantage of
removing the risk of a bad Entry node, what do you think about that?

And about using it as a SOCKS proxy to enter the Tor network? Do the
same considerations apply or is it even worse to use a relay as a SOCKS

I'm sure that I've read about reasons to avoid using your own node, but
I don't remember the considerations about this argument...

Best regards,



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