[tor-relays] First (positive) experiences with a Tor Relay on Raspberry Pi3

fr33d0m4all fr33d0m4all at riseup.net
Sun Apr 10 21:48:06 UTC 2016

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> On Sun, 10 Apr 2016 17:52:20 +0000 fr33d0m4all
> <fr33d0m4all at riseup.net> wrote:
>> I've just moved my Tor relay installation from my alix1.c
>> embedded system (500Mhz CPU with 256Mb ram) which was able to
>> offer only 4Mbps (100% CPU utilization) to a new Raspberry Pi3
>> (quad-core 1.2Ghz 64-bit cpu with 1 GB ram). Some days ago I've
>> seen some messages on the ML about Pi2 performance (if I remember
>> well) and I'd like to share my first experiences with Pi3. I have
>> only 20Mbps connection in the uplink direction, so I'm offering
>> about 15Mbps for Tor relay and I've just seen that it is able to
>> offer 14Mbps with 40% of a single core utilization.. In
>> conclusion, I think that a single relay on Pi3 can offer about
>> 30-40 Mbps, and if you run 4 tor relays on the same Pi3 you can
>> offer more than 100Mbps which is definitely not bad for such a 
>> small system. The only drawback is that you need to find a good
>> way for keeping it cold, since after 1 hour of 1 core at 100%
>> I've reached about 70?C with heatsinks on the CPU.
> If you build tor against OpenSSL 1.1 on that target you will get a 
> massive increase in performance due to support for the ARMv8
> hardware AES acceleration.
> This requires 0.2.8.x from the maint-028 branch (or master if
> you're brave) since I recently fixed tor (again) to compile with
> this version of the library, but the changes will be in the next
> 0.2.8 release candidate.
> Regards,

Thank you very much Yawning for the news, I didn't know about that!
I'm running stable from the Jessie repo, I hope the new
ARMv8-AES-enabled version will be out "soon" in the repo (but I don't
think it will happen soon, at least for the stable branch, right?)

BTW, I can't offer more than 14 Mbps, which are about 75% of my upload
BW, so I can live for a while without AES acceleration :)

You're work is really appreciated!

Best regards,

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