[tor-relays] Unmetered brandwith hosting

Michael Canning mcanning at cavefox.net
Sun Apr 10 21:09:37 UTC 2016

I use Flokinet (https://flokinet.is). They are pretty awesome and their 
starting VPS is unmetered, although you will have to throttle your relay to 
around 100 Mbps.

It costs 10 euros/month.

They are completely okay with Tor exits, relays, and bridges.

Michael Canning
President - CaveFox Telecommunications
mcanning at cavefox.net

10. Apr 2016 17:03 by f4arelay at protonmail.com:

> Which cheap unmetered brandwith hosting do you recommend me, I prefer using 
> bitcoins as method of payment.
> Thanks
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