[tor-relays] NPR story: When A Dark Web Volunteer Gets Raided By The Police

Markus Koch niftybunny at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 8 00:08:27 UTC 2016

Even if he is formating all the things: You can't be sure that any
middle/exit/guard node is compromised. How do you know I am one of the
good guys with my nodes? You can't. I could role play here and in
reality be a member of the super secret society of the supreme awesome
bunnies to take over the world with the help of compromising TOR

TOR is not perfect, but it is the best we have. And we have strength
in numbers :)

2016-04-08 1:54 GMT+02:00 Green Dream <greendream848 at gmail.com>:
> @ Tristan re: "What happened to "innocent until proven guilty?" Please note
> I already said "This particular case is perhaps not so clear cut"
> @ Markus re: "How do you know a exit server is compromised?" You don't
> always know. With any skill on the attacker's part, you will NOT know.
> Still, sometimes attackers do stupid things, like run sslstrip, otherwise
> try to man-in-the-middle SSL, etc.
> As I already said, this particular case is not so clear cut. However letting
> the police poke around on the hardware is a really good reason not to trust
> it! I mean, I'd personally burn it all down and start over. Looks like
> that's what the Seattle operators are already doing, so this is perhaps a
> moot discussion.
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