[tor-relays] Guard flag?

Clément Février clement at forumanalogue.fr
Thu Apr 7 15:23:48 UTC 2016


I run a relay for almost 10 days. I wonder if my configuration is
correct as I don't see the expected behavior from
Indeed, my consensus weight and the number of connections dropped after
8 days, from 0.0040% to 0.0012% and from 2000 to 300 connections
Since then, I've such messages in arm:

[NOTICE] Have tried resolving or connecting to address '[scrubbed]' at 3
different places. Giving up. [4 duplicates hidden]
[NOTICE] We tried for 15 seconds to connect to '[scrubbed]' using exit
<fingerprint> at <ip>. Retrying on a new circuit.

I was expecting to get a guard flag with an increasing consensus weight
involving a drop of the number of connections.

So far, I have the following flags: Fast, HSDir, Running, Stable, V2Dir,

Is that an evidence something is not running properly?


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