[tor-relays] Relays by AS Names

ng0 ng0 at libertad.pw
Wed Apr 6 09:05:55 UTC 2016

"Tor-Node.net" <contact at tor-node.net> writes:

> Hi!
> Here is a list from ExoticVPS that you can use to search for and contact
> various VPS hosters:
> http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/558944/ExoticVPS.ods
> http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/558945/ExoticVPS.xlsx
> http://www.filehosting.org/file/details/558946/ExoticVPS.txt
> (Tab separated txt file)
> Kind regards
> tor-node.net

I'm curious to look at this list and compare it with my own.

Could you upload the .txt of this list to a
network/filepublishing service which does not require your email 


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