[tor-relays] Exit node situation in Finland

Juha Nurmi juha.nurmi at ahmia.fi
Wed Apr 6 07:22:33 UTC 2016

> I can pitch in for running the second largest exit in Finland
> (wubthecaptain1). Actually, it was Juha's project that inspired me to
> compete with other Finnish relays in terms of bandwidth. :)

That's great to hear :)

>> - Running an exit node is absolutely legal
> For the curious, the law is Tietoyhteiskuntakaari 7.11.2014/917, 182 §
> Vastuuvapaus tiedonsiirto- ja verkkoyhteyspalveluissa.

According to law about information services -> data transfer ->
discharge from liability is basically saying (my translation):

If the service is transferring data and does not cache it more than it
is technically reasonable then it is not responsible about the data that
is transferred. This kind of service

1) is not the one who start the transfer;
2) does not select the receiver;
3) is not modifying the data.

This law basically says that routers, proxies and Tor nodes etc. are not
liable for the content of the data transfer.

>> - ISP may cut your connection because it is listed as malware host
> This happened to me within 3 days of starting the exit relay from a home
> connection. I had contacted my ISP's abuse department to let them know
> well in advance and to mark my subscription to be a Tor exit [1],
> however they had done so for the wrong subscriber and I was accidentally
> suspended. :)
> I called the customer service, quickly mentioned I operate a Tor exit
> as discussed and had no questions asked. He forwarded my message to the
> abuse department and I was unsuspended in about 30 minutes.

That's nice. Your ISP seems to help you with this and tolerates exit nodes.

>> - There has been warming up phase that maybe Finnish libraries start some
>> Tor activity
> Care to elaborate which libraries are interested in this? I've had a
> discussion with Electronic Frontier Finland members about the idea too.

Capital area libraries.

You are doing awesome work Juuso!


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