[tor-relays] Relays by AS Names

ng0 ng0 at libertad.pw
Tue Apr 5 20:18:32 UTC 2016

SuperSluether <supersluether at gmail.com> writes:

> I want to host an exit relay, but at the same time I don't want to use
> a service that already hosts multiple Tor relays. Is there a website
> that lists relays by AS Names so I can find a service that isn't
> already populated with Tor?
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>From my perspective back with OpenNIC and now with tor,
mostly countries where access to DCs is not as cheap as in the
countries where racks in DCs are cheap to rent, where VMs and
Dedicated Servers aren't low priced.

With OpenNIC there was/is mainly a lack of Tier2 servers in
geographic south america, iceland, larger parts of geographic
asia, and some other countries and continents.

(reasonable) Hosting in Iceland is pretty expensive compared to
for example Germany, but the few companies and DCs are very open
and generally often welcoming towards civil rights projects.


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