[tor-relays] Exit node situation in Finland

Juha Nurmi juha.nurmi at ahmia.fi
Sat Apr 2 06:31:29 UTC 2016


NCSC-FI is totally different organization than police. They are just
listing malware detections and automatically sending this feed to ISPs.

Tor exit is not real malware machine so detection is false. I
contacted them and they agreed that exit nodes should be labeled
somehow to prevent false malware detections.

exonerator.torproject.org is very useful service for crime
investigation. I went to talk The National Bureau of Investigation and
they told me that this tool is indeed useful for them.

These organizations have publicly stated that they are neutral towards
any general purpose technology like Tor and recognize that Tor is useful.


> How do you know the police and so on have that approach? How did
> the police come to think that way about tor? Which came first in
> the official acknowledgement of tor?
> Robert
> Juha wrote - The National Cyber Security Center Finland (NCSC-FI)
> is able to "whitelist" your IP address so the ISP does not get
> those automated malware detections
> - The National Bureau of Investigation is using
> exonerator.torproject.org <http://exonerator.torproject.org> so
> basically they are considering this information before they rush to
> your home

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