[tor-relays] Relays with broken DirPorts

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Fri Apr 1 23:44:19 UTC 2016


I'm the operator of one of the mentioned relays (  Thanks,
Tim, for pointing this issue out to me. I'll try to help with this as
much as I can.

So far, I have not been able to reproduce this issue. With the python
script from #18688, I am getting results of approx. 0.20s.

On 01.04.2016 19:11, starlight.2016q1 at binnacle.cx wrote:
> These relays all appear at least somewhat overrated by BWauths and are
> not rate-limiting with BandwidthRate.

My server has a 100 Mbit/s interface and the options
'RelayBandwidthRate' and 'RelayBandwidthBurst' are set to 40 Mbit/s.
I've reduced it to 30 Mbit/s for the time being.

> DirPort performance is bad due to a saturated physical link or 'tc'
> bandwidth limit, so TCP congestion back-off kicks in.

I will try to do some testing next week, to see how fast/stable my
network connection actually is.

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