[tor-relays] DirAuths are blocking my node on Amazon EC2. Why?

Yousif Al Saif yousifnet at gmail.com
Fri Oct 30 18:46:59 UTC 2015

Dear all,

I have a Tor relay running on Amazon EC2 (IP range: and for sometime I am receiving the messages:

http status 400 ("Authdir is rejecting routers in this range.") response from dirserver 'X.X.X.X:80'. Please correct.

The router disappeared from the Tor Directory and the consensus. Its a non-exit node and there seems to be some traffic going on. 

Was there a particular reason for the block or was this specific to my router only? Should I consider moving to a different provider or was I specifically targeted by the block and should not attempt moving somewhere else.

My details:

Nickname: Yankee2
Hash: CA631DB7F8E3E00A148D2D1D0BBD1B5710888D8E


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