[tor-relays] too many circuit creation requests

starlight.2015q3 at binnacle.cx starlight.2015q3 at binnacle.cx
Sat Oct 24 18:56:25 UTC 2015

At 18:23 10/24/2015 -0000, trshck_tor at riseup.net wrote:
>Thank you,
>I've tried:
>DirPort 0
>HidServDirectoryV2 0
>RelayBandwidthRate 300 KB
>RelayBandwidthBurst 600 KB
>and restarted.
>Now it still has 100% CPU and about 3500-4000 inbound 
>connections. The log is full of the same warning.

Keep in mind the handshake stats increase
forever and include circuits that are long
gone.  If however you are quoting

  netstat -nt | wc -l

3000+ would be insanely large for relay
rated around 100.  Let the list know if
that's the case as it would be some kind
of bug or attack.  Make sure the connections
are to the relay daemon and not some other
process.  'lsof -Pn' is good for that.

>Buying some equipment is a possibility. I prefer
>miniature computers because of their low consumption.
>What would you recommend?

I've never run one, but corresponded with an
exit operator who has a Beagle Board
Black on a Comcast connection.

e_fs_ BeagleBoneBlackA5B1 US 490 44 4.27 L 443 80 ....comcast.net


He expressed great satisfaction with it and quoted
its merits vs the Pi at length.  They have a newer
X15 version of the board now due out next month:


Good luck with it!

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