[tor-relays] Cheap VPS provider for an exit node

spriver spriver at autistici.org
Sat Oct 24 05:51:54 UTC 2015

I will explain my experiences with Contabo and Webtropia (both German
providers). Both are providing quite cheap and unmetered VPS, Contabo
with 100mbit/s and Webtropia at 300mbit/s (burst with 500mbit/s).
Contabo is saying that you are responsible for everything you do with
your VPS (they will forward abuse requests to you). They use KVM for
virtualization. One thing is that they will limit your bandwidth to
10mbit/s if you use more than 60mbit/s for more than five days in
average. (if this happenend you can ask nicely and they'll unlock
100mbit/s again, but I guess this won't happen too many times) So if you
will limit your server to something like 54mbit/s there should be no
Webtropia uses OpenVZ (and their Debian image is a mess, Ubuntu also.
You will get a Debian with upstart and their images are full of unneeded
software [e.g. Apache and so on]) But you can deinstall this software
and I'm using a Ubuntu image there and spent some time for clean
deinstallations. Their CPU's provide AES-NI as an advantage over Contabo
(CPU clock: Contabo 3.0 Ghz, Webtropia 1.8Ghz with both the cheapest
solution). Webtropia will also forward Abuse mails to you, just answer
them and there shouldn't be any problems (at least there weren't any in
the last ~2 months of time since I am running the exit there). I am
running one of the top ~50 relays (relating to the Blutmagie Torstatus)
at Webtropia.
If there are any questions feel free to ask. I hope that I could help
out a little.


Riccardo Mori:
> Hi everyone,
> I have been running an exit Tor relay for 5 months with a PulseServers
> VPS and everything went fine until some days ago Kyle, the provider's
> owner, reduced the bandwidth to something above 10 Mbit/s. Adding the
> fact that he is an OVH reseller I am now searching a new VPS provider.
> Unfortunately I can't afford a 50$/month VPS so I am looking for
> something that has more than 5TB of monthly traffic with a reasonable
> price and preferably that it's not using OVH AS.
> What are you using? Is there anybody that can give me a hint?
> Thanks!
> Riccardo Mori
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