[tor-relays] Cheap VPS provider for an exit node

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Fri Oct 23 19:54:04 UTC 2015

Hi Riccardo are you italian?
If you like a good server go here: http://www.tophost.it/
and buy topserver. My relay is here and works very fine.
If you need some tips no problems write to me.

Il 23/10/2015 18:52, Riccardo Mori ha scritto:
> Hi everyone,
> I have been running an exit Tor relay for 5 months with a PulseServers
> VPS and everything went fine until some days ago Kyle, the provider's
> owner, reduced the bandwidth to something above 10 Mbit/s. Adding the
> fact that he is an OVH reseller I am now searching a new VPS provider.
> Unfortunately I can't afford a 50$/month VPS so I am looking for
> something that has more than 5TB of monthly traffic with a reasonable
> price and preferably that it's not using OVH AS.
> What are you using? Is there anybody that can give me a hint?
> Thanks!
> Riccardo Mori
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