[tor-relays] webiron requesting to block several /24 subnet

JovianMallard tor at sec.gd
Tue Oct 20 21:39:23 UTC 2015

I agree. I just bin these, or send the standard "abuse" response
template, which includes a snippet about using a DNSBL.

On 10/20/2015 04:57 PM, AMuse wrote:
> The TOR directory of exit nodes is readily available for ISP's and
> website operators to apply in their filters. I don't see why them
> putting the onus on tens of thousands of exit operators to exit-block
> THEIR addresses is in any way reasonable. 
> On 2015-10-20 12:51, yl wrote: 
>> Hello,
>> I received an abuse email today from my hoster (several emails from
>> webiron in one email), typical automated abuse emails, not much
>> information.
>> However, they request, if the origin IP is 
>> a Tor exit, to block the full
>> /24 subnet. As they also state, they will not provide the full IP of
>> there customer and request to block the exit to the /24.
>> Any thoughts on this? I don't like to block the whole /24, just because
>> one idiot using one of the IPs is using some snake oil service like
>> webiron, the collateral damage is to big in my eyes. All other IPs in
>> the same range will be blocked as well.
>> Why should I even care about blocking such IPs given by webiron? In my
>> opinion the blocking is useless from my side and in the worst case the
>> users of webiron will block my exit node IP. Would it be better for the
>> tor network if I'd block the IPs? Is there any bad consequences if I
>> don't for the Tor network?
>> Let me know your thoughts. The services URL is https://www.webiron.com [1],
>> don't need to go there, I didn't because such services are just useless.
>> Better use fail2ban or something similar.
>> Greeting
>> yl
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