[tor-relays] new relay - not working right

Bruce Ganton bganton at tanglewood-cottage.ca
Wed Oct 14 17:49:46 UTC 2015

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On 15-10-14 10:18 AM, Green Dream wrote:
> ClydeBoy is listed three times on Atlas. It appears to be running
> from the same server, as the IP/port are the same for all 3 nodes,
> however the fingerprint is different for each instance on Atlas:

I was able to identify two tor processes running and killed them both.
 I then used your recommended way of starting tor.  Now the log filed
is being filled with good stuff and ARM is behaving as I am used to.
FWIW, I googled around quite a bit and never noticed specific
instructions on stopping tor.  So thanks for giving me the magic bullet.

> I'm guessing that during your testing and config changes, the
> existing Tor processes weren't getting killed and so you wound up
> with multiple Tor processes fighting for attention and resources.
> That's not going to work very well. ;-)
> I'm not sure how you installed Tor. For Ubuntu or Debian, I
> normally follow the instructions here:
> https://www.torproject.org/docs/debian.html.en#ubuntu

Yes, these are the directions I followed.  In fact I installed Debian
just so I could use option 1 as it seemed preferable.  I was
reasonably careful with this; how wrong can you go with sudo apt-get
install?  However, I have learned from hard experience to never be too
cocky about having everything done right. :-)

Bruce Ganton
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