[tor-relays] Exit Node with Onion Pi

Green Dream greendream848 at gmail.com
Fri Oct 9 19:21:25 UTC 2015

> If you're just after something that's
> cheap and Pi-sized, you'd probably have better luck with something like
> the ODROID C1[0]; you still may not saturate the link though.

>From experience, an ODROID box won't help too much. It just doesn't have
enough CPU.

For a little over $100 (USD), you can get a tiny box with an Intel chip,
with a gigabit ethernet interface, like this one:


It's more straightforward to run standard Linux distributions on this
hardware. The Raspberry Pi and ODROID are using ARM or Exynos chipsets;
distribution choices are limited and security updates often lag behind.
This particular Intel chip doesn't have AES-NI, but I'm running a relay on
one of these boxes that averages about 40 Mb/s, and has no problem spiking
up to 80 to 120 Mb/s when the load from Tor is higher.

If you want a box with AES-NI and a gigabit ethernet interface, cost starts
jumping up to several hundred US dollars or more, so I find the lack of
AES-NI to be an acceptable compromise for the value.
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