[tor-relays] BWauth kookiness

starlight.2015q2 at binnacle.cx starlight.2015q2 at binnacle.cx
Wed May 20 22:16:36 UTC 2015

Some possible fallout related to 
the earlier discussion

[tor-relays] amount of unmeasured relays continuously rising since 2 weeks 

My relay

   Binnacle 4F0DB7E687FC7C0AE55C8F243DA8B0EB27FBF1F2

has 9375 Kbyte (75 Mbit) of unfuzzy
(no ISP traffic shaping) bandwidth,
but in the last few days the BWAuths'
opinion went from

# gabelmoo
# tor26
# moria1
# longclaw

 bw1-w Bandwidth=7382 Measured=7100
*bw2-w Bandwidth=7382 Measured=9330
 bw3-w Bandwidth=7382 Measured=13700 GuardFraction=69
 bw4-w Bandwidth=7382 Measured=23700


 bw1-w Bandwidth=9375 Measured=17100
 bw3-w Bandwidth=9375 Measured=77900 GuardFraction=75
*bw4-w Bandwidth=9375 Measured=23000

* selected for consensus

While it's flattering to be promoted
to double the actual capacity, with the
potential to go 8x, I suspect it's
may not a great idea in the grand
scheme of things.

And to think at one time I was feeling
short-changed. . .

FYI BWauths


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