[tor-relays] descriptions still valid?

Moritz Bartl moritz at torservers.net
Sun May 10 12:24:43 UTC 2015


Generally, you should never blindly download config files and replace
your system's configuration files; the wiki page was a transparent
rundown of what I did to set up new relays, and never meant to be copied
verbatim. These are notes, not complete instructions. I didn't check,
but most if not all of the comments should still be valid for jessie.

Today, I would not download sshd_config from a remote machine but rather
replace lines locally; I prefer ssh-copy-id over manual creation of

Feel free to adjust the page, or add more -- it's a wiki! :-)

On 05/10/2015 01:16 PM, tor-server-creator at use.startmail.com wrote:
> dear relayoperators,
> i wonder if descriptions on http://www.torservers.net/wiki/setup/server
> are still valid for debian jessie dist? particular chmod 700 ~/.ssh and
> wget https://www.torservers.net/misc/config/sshd_config
> thanks for helping out. cheers
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Moritz Bartl

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