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> Subject: Re: [tor-relays] Determining geographical locations for a new
> 	exit relay would help most
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> I would love to see some more nodes in Australia. I'm located in Perth
> and the speed of the network it horrible. Not usable for day to day
> internet which is unfortunate, hopefully it will pick up soon.

Unless you've been really messing with your configuration, you're likely to end
up hopping out of your home country at least once per circuit anyway. And if
the network is slow, you'd want your traffic to get out of there as soon as
possible; no/little sense adding a relay in a slow network area. Exit relay
positioning is more dependent on filtering and network diversity rather than
geographical proximity; I can only see that being helpful for guard relays.

That said, if we're low on Australian relays it'd be good to get more there.

I believe both UK and Australia keep bouncing around ideas for legally-required
net filtering; that's the only thing I'd keep in mind other than speed when
choosing between them.

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