[tor-relays] Tor Cloud/AWS relay set up but no Tor installed

aredocilla at gmail.com aredocilla at gmail.com
Sun Mar 22 03:10:53 UTC 2015


I've been trying to set up a tor relay on AWS using the free tier using the
instructions in various places (e.g. https://cloud.torproject.org/,
But sshing in from my PC shows clearly that not only is tor not running, it's
not even installed!

ubuntu at ip-172-31-28-207:~$ aptitude show tor
Package: tor                      
State: not installed
Priority: optional
Section: net

ubuntu at ip-172-31-28-207:~$ ps -ely | grep tor
ubuntu at ip-172-31-28-207:~$ ls /var/log
alternatives.log  auth.log  btmp            dist-upgrade  dmesg.0     dmesg.2.gz  fsck      landscape  mail.err  news    udev     unattended-upgrades  wtmp
apt               boot.log  cloud-init.log  dmesg         dmesg.1.gz  dpkg.log    kern.log  lastlog    mail.log  syslog  ufw.log  upstart

Has something changed, and the images no longer include tor on start-up (I made
sure I followed the gist of the cloud.torproject.org steps, given that the
interface has changed significantly; even went to the previous page from the
linked one to check that the AMI thing mentioned tor)? I've noticed various
people have posted online saying it's not safe to run Tor on cloud services -
has the image been deleted because of this? I wanted to try it anyway because
the main torproject website still says in several places that running a relay
on AWS is A Good Thing.

Or did I just do something wrong?

Best wishes,

PGP key available on request

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