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> On Fri, 20 Mar 2015 17:24:11 -0400, Manas Bhatnagar <b.manas.88 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
> Hi, I'm looking for some support with accessing a hidden service that is
> listening on [::1]:11001
> I am able to connect to the listener locally but the hidden service
> doesn't seem to work. any ideas?
> The time on the machine is accurate and connections to other hidden
> services succeeds.
> Thanks,
> Manas

I suspect we're going to need some more specific information about what's failing before we can help. It would also help to know how much experience you have configuring hidden services.

I'm sorry if I've pitched this at the wrong level, but I just want to start by making sure we have the same setup in mind when we talk about hidden services:

Direct Connection:
Client connects to [::1]:11001
client -[TCP/IPv?]-> server

Hidden Service Connection:
Client connects to foo...abc.onion:12345 via a local tor client socks proxy, which connects to a tor hidden service over onion routing, which connects to [::1]:11001
client -[socks/TCP/IPv?]-> tor client ---[onion routing/TCP/IPv4]---> tor hidden service -[TCP/IPv6]-> server

Does your configuration match this?

Can you answer the following questions about what you see?
(It might help to answer them in order, stopping when you find the first error.)

- Are you using a testing, a private, or the public Tor network?
- How is the hidden service configured? (please send us the hidden service torrc)

Alternative Configurations:
- What happens when you have the server listen on IPv4 rather than IPv6, and change the hidden service to connect to IPv4?

- Can you connect to:
-- Other hidden services on the same (globally routable) IP?
-- Other hidden services in the same tor instance?

Observed Behaviour:
- Does the hidden service bootstrap fully, without errors? (arm and logs will help here)

- What error do you get when you try to connect to the hidden service?
-- Does the tor client fail to find a descriptor or introduction point for the hidden service?
-- Does the hidden service tor instance refuse connections?
-- Does the server refuse connections?
-- Is the server accepting the connection but failing to respond?
-- (You'll need to look in the client and hidden service logs to find out.)

That should be more than enough :-)


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