[tor-relays] connection problems

Malte Ketelsen mk-l3 at mail.de
Tue Mar 17 10:30:06 UTC 2015


I have connection problems with my relay.
Can someone tell whats this mean:

Mar 16 23:59:12.000 [debug] TLS error: unexpected close while reading
(SSL negotiation finished successfully)
Mar 16 23:59:12.000 [debug] channel_close_for_error(): Closing channel
0x7fe72b1a41c0 due to lower-layer error
Mar 16 23:59:12.000 [debug] channel_change_state(): Changing state of
channel 0x7fe72b1a41c0 (global ID 79) from "closing" to "channel error"

I get a lot of these news.

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