[tor-relays] Tor-node/relay: System installation vs. TorBrowser

Lars Edman @ LinuxSuSE lars.edman at bredband.net
Mon Mar 16 10:48:34 UTC 2015


I was referred to you from help at rt.torproject.org. when asking them if
they discouraged from using tor as a client or node/relay with tor in a
system installation.
By "system installation" I mean installation of tor, libevent, libgeoip
(and ev vidalia) together with openssl.

I found they today absolutely discouraged from the use of such a "system
installation" when using tor as a client. When it came to using tor as a
node/relay or running a server they referred the question to you.

My reason for asking is that I have been running a "system installed"
tor node in my Slackware server for 3 years now. subsequently
updating/grading them. It has served well and I monitor the log
continously for warnings or errors correcting the when they very rarely
occur (usually by updating/_grading).
My reason for using a system installation for node/server use is that
I've found it easier to configure the way I wanted than the

Do you consider this kind of installation insecure?

Best regards


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