[tor-relays] Legal situation of tor in Europe

yl tor at yl.ms
Wed Mar 11 21:57:38 UTC 2015

Am 09.03.2015 um 23:39 schrieb Markus Hitter:
>> I mean the only reason, why there is more Tor-Exit-IPs
>> > in the abuse log than any other single unique IP is that there is tens
>> > of thousand of users using each Tor-Exit.
> If this claim could be substantiated by some numbers it'd certainly help.

I fully agree to that, it would be helpful to get some more analytic
data like this. Not necessarily on my exit, but some general numbers,
some facts.
I just assumed that number above, but actually have no idea.

I got to list more carefully to Roger and Jacob next Winter in Hamburg.


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