[tor-relays] Legal situation of tor in Europe

Aaron Gibson aagbsn at extc.org
Wed Mar 11 10:14:26 UTC 2015

On 2015-03-09 18:40, Markus Hitter wrote:
> Am 09.03.2015 um 16:08 schrieb Steve Snyder:
>> Being able to separate webmail from the parent web presence (e.g.
>> gmail from google.com, Yahoo Mail from yahoo.com, etc.) would be a
>> big step forward in curbing spam.  This would allow the exit
>> operation to refuse traffic to the webmail service while stilling
>> allowing access to the parent presence.
> Good point!
> Markus

Ouch, what about people who use Tor to access webmail (due to 
censorship, or desire for location anonymity?)

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