[tor-relays] Onion Tip Uptime?

Sebastian Urbach sebastian at urbach.org
Sun Mar 8 15:58:08 UTC 2015

On March 8, 2015 3:13:29 PM Corey Wood <corky at corky.me.uk> wrote:

Hi Corey,

> Hi all, i've been noticing over the last few days oniontip.com has been
> flaky. As I'm writing this the site is down again. Does anyone have
> contact with some of the developers, because it's a really cool project
> and I want to know what's going on

Main dev is Donncha O'Cearbhaill and he is a member of this list. You can 
reach him here:

donncha at donncha.is

Donncha, if you need hardware / bandwidth then please just say so. I hereby 
volunteer :-) Im sure that most Ops want to see oniontip up and running.

Sincerely yours / Sincères salutations / M.f.G.

Sebastian Urbach

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