[tor-relays] Ports 443 and 80 are open, but 443 not Tor reachable

Stephen R Guglielmo srguglielmo at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 20:02:12 UTC 2015

On Wed, 04 Mar 2015 16:31:27 +0100
oseump <oseump at proxymail.eu> wrote:
> With ORPort 443 Tor could not confirm the port was reachable even
> though it was wide open to online port checkers and nmap -sT -O
> localhost shows ports 22/tcp, 80/tcp, 443/tcp to be open.

Where are you running this from? You said a Raspberry Pi; Is this on a
home/residential network? If so, my first inclination is that your ISP
is blocking incoming connections on certain ports. I know this is
common in my area with port 25, 80, and 443 to prevent customers from
running servers.

A netstat/nmap on localhost will confirm that Tor is listening on the
port, but wont confirm the outside world can access it. You said you
used "online port checkers" - double check this. Try running a simple
http server on port 443 (you don't need to setup ssl necessarily, just
run it at and seeing if you can connect from your
mobile phone or something.

I believe you when you said you checked, but sometimes online port
checkers can be iffy and even your ISP might be doing some weird
conditional filtering. I run my Tor relays on 443 and it worked without

> And yet torstatus monitors show many relays displaying ports ORPOrt
> 443 and DirPort 80 running on Linux. 
> Yesterday I swapped the ports and within a moment ORPort 80 was
> confirmed and server descriptor published. DirPort 443 fails to
> confirm it is reachable. 
> So what is it about port 443 on my little RP 2 that Tor dislikes? 

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