[tor-relays] Qualities of a good relay (Sean Saito)

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Zero interest in a digital badge (fyi: I have a buddy who works in academia loves the gamification of everything and is well known for his badge work). Having said that, I want a t-shirt! I resorted to stickers I bought for slapping “Tor” and “NSA Inside” places. We need folks to step up with relays. T-shirts are going branding and getting the word out.

Per “revoking”, we can require relays to be running 6 months or a year before you get a shirt. Also, shirts can be free but shipping costs money. Or something like that. I’d even buy a polo if available. Make it a “work” shirt.


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These ideas are quite good. I think it would be interesting for a partner organization like the EFF maybe to gamify Tor relay best practices by issuing Mozilla type merit badges [ http://openbadges.org/ ] to relay operators. Setting it up is not free, volunteer time is not free, but it's a way to recognize volunteers in meaningful ways that does not require sending out tee shirts around the world.

Importantly, badges should also be revoked if a relay operator is found to be behaving in less than meritorious ways. This is easily done. [ https://github.com/mozilla/openbadges-backpack/wiki/Revoking-Issued-Badges ]

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Hi Sean,

On 06/24/2015 03:07 AM, saitosean at ymail.com<mailto:saitosean at ymail.com> wrote:
> Besides the obvious requirements of a good relay (e.g. speed,
> geo-diversity, constant uptime), what qualities make a relay valuable to
> the Tor network and its users?

George posted some ideas a while ago:

I also remember another list of "diversity criteria" that someone
posted, but I can't remember who or in which thread.

Moritz Bartl
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