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Wed Jun 24 23:13:13 UTC 2015

jchase transcribed 0.8K bytes:
> Hello,
> Can anybody help me figure out why my bridge has stopped showing the
> flags fast, running and stable? Especially stable, I would love to get
> that flag back. I run two bridges, on two different Rasp Pi's, the one
> with a globe fingerprint of B08284109C72C81ACF5866A17A4CC64CE3E16499 .
> The other with a globe fingerprint of
> 1BCD3EBEFE17EEB86EEDE21D5E2DB8468E2864CF . The first bridge runs with
> obfs 3 & 4 on a Pi 2. It seems I lost the stable flag around the time I
> got obfs 4 up and running. The second bridge runs only with obfs 3 on an
> older Pi.
> I've read that the stable flag is quite handy. Any ideas about how I can
> get it back?
> Greetings,
> J Chase

Hi J,

Your bridge B08284109C72C81ACF5866A17A4CC64CE3E16499 appears to have a current
uptime of about 50 hours, and to have the Stable flag, according to
dir-spec.txt, [0] it must have:

   "Stable" -- A router is 'Stable' if it is active, and either its Weighted
   MTBF is at least the median for known active routers or its Weighted MTBF
   corresponds to at least 7 days.

Meaning that you probably just need to let the bridge run for a few more days,
and it'll get its Stable flag back.

Also, for what it's worth, BridgeDB will still distribute your bridge, even if
it doesn't have the Stable flag.  The only required flag for your bridge to
get distributed is the Running flag.  However, you are correct that having the
Stable flag is useful, because BridgeDB, when distributing some bridges to a
user, will try pretty hard to make sure that at least one of the bridges has
the Stable flag.  So, with the Stable flag, you've got a better chance of
being distributed to clients more often, but it's not strictly necessary to
have it, especially for a bridge like yours with small bandwidth and CPU.

[0]: https://gitweb.torproject.org/torspec.git/tree/dir-spec.txt?id=26929b8c55547f646b4bd16011f06dbc97e64953#n1955

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