[tor-relays] Problems with second/third relay

s7r s7r at sky-ip.org
Wed Jun 24 14:46:13 UTC 2015

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Thanks for adding one more relay.

It's ok to have 2 relays on one IP address, both should work.

What do you mean you have enabled DMZ and port forwarding?

If you enable DMZ, that will forward ALL ports to 1 IP address in the
subnet (NAT). You cannot enable DMZ on 2 different internal IP
addresses in the same LAN. Also, if DMZ is enabled one time, port
forwarding for the second IP won't work since all ports are already
forwarded to the DMZ host.

Use static internal LAN IP addresses for both relays. IP1 for relay1
and IP2 for relay2. So after a power cutoff everything will get back
online with the same IP config and port forwards will work.

Forward port 443 to internal IP1
forward port 80 to internal IP1 (if you also use DirPort)
forward port 9001 to internal IP2
forward port 9030 to internal IP2 (if you also use DirPort)

Examples are informative, use whatever ports you want/can.

Let me know if it worked.

On 6/24/2015 5:22 PM, TORnet Zone wrote:
> Really need some help here, just cannot find the answer.
> I've been running 2 middle relays for a year now, from a
> home/business IP, one DSL and the other cable. Only problems were
> brief and IP induced all has served the system well.
> I recently attempted to add a 3rd relay on the same cable feed as
> one of my others, but there is no way the ORport will connect. I
> have DMZ'd the static address, forwarded the ports, changed the
> ports - the ORport just will not open. And yes I realize diversity
> is tightened, but I'm trying to help all I can on my budget. First
> - CAN there be two relays on the same dynamic address (different 
> port numbers) ? How? Do I need some form of DNS service to help?
> Relay 1 is Linux 3.2.0-86 and Tor  Relay 2 is Linux
> 3.16.0-30 and Tor The DMZ'd relay worked until I had to
> forward 9001 to the 2nd, then it quit. Uptime was normally 40 - 50
> days until a kernel update, or something major. Both are old
> laptops on battery backups that never have power down. Router is an
> Archer C7, latest firmware.
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