[tor-relays] Problems with second/third relay

TORnet Zone info at gumbyzee.torzone.net
Wed Jun 24 14:22:51 UTC 2015

Really need some help here, just cannot find the answer.

I've been running 2 middle relays for a year now, from a home/business IP, one
DSL and the other cable. Only problems were brief and IP induced all has served
the system well.

I recently attempted to add a 3rd relay on the same cable feed as one of my
others, but there is no way the ORport will connect. I have DMZ'd the static
address, forwarded the ports, changed the ports - the ORport just will not open.
And yes I realize diversity is tightened, but I'm trying to help all I can on my
budget. First - CAN there be two relays on the same dynamic address (different
port numbers) ? How? Do I need some form of DNS service to help?

Relay 1 is Linux 3.2.0-86 and Tor  Relay 2 is Linux 3.16.0-30 and Tor The DMZ'd relay worked until I had to forward 9001 to the 2nd, then it
quit. Uptime was normally 40 - 50 days until a kernel update, or something
major. Both are old laptops on battery backups that never have power down.
Router is an Archer C7, latest firmware.


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