[tor-relays] A bridge too far

jchase jchase at riseup.net
Sun Jun 21 19:36:02 UTC 2015

Can anybody help me figure out why my bridge has stopped showing the
flags fast, running and stable? Especially stable, I would love to get
that flag back. I run two bridges, on two different Rasp Pi's, the one
with a globe fingerprint of B08284109C72C81ACF5866A17A4CC64CE3E16499 .
The other with a globe fingerprint of
1BCD3EBEFE17EEB86EEDE21D5E2DB8468E2864CF . The first bridge runs with
obfs 3 & 4 on a Pi 2. It seems I lost the stable flag around the time I
got obfs 4 up and running. The second bridge runs only with obfs 3 on an
older Pi.
I've read that the stable flag is quite handy. Any ideas about how I can
get it back?
J Chase

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