[tor-relays] Questions about GUI monitor

Sharif Olorin sio at tesser.org
Wed Jun 17 07:54:04 UTC 2015

Good day,

> About "Arm", it runs on console. Is it the only active project/software for
> local machine monitoring? I don't find any manual for it in its website,
> either.


There's also nyx[0], though I'm not sure how finished it is.

> About "Tor2web", are there any clearer figures and docs which could explain
> the security differences between "Tor" and "Tow2web" ? Especially for the
> client.

Is there any particular aspect you're confused about? tor2web doesn't
provide any anonymity for the client, it's just a web proxy to
hidden services. It would be trivial for a tor2web proxy operator to
identify visitors if they're visiting directly via the internet.


[0] https://gitweb.torproject.org/nyx.git

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