[tor-relays] Exit relay is apparently being used to attack other servers

yl tor at yl.ms
Mon Jun 15 10:44:18 UTC 2015

Am 14.06.2015 um 22:35 schrieb trillium:
> Thanks all for the help. I think I may try to move the exit relay over to SolarVPS or another VPS. It’s just a bummer because the relay was advertising ~6-7MB/s bandwidth and using a fair amount of it before people decided to use it for attacks, so I felt like I was contributing to the community.

Instead you might wanna try to restrict the exit a bit, it is common
practice to disallow connections to some ports. Maybe have a look at the
details of the attack, Linode should give them to you. Based on the
services that are attacked it might be good to block these ports if
reasonable. Also contacting the complaining party might be a good idea
in some cases.


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