[tor-relays] Exit relay is apparently being used to attack other servers

trillium trillium at riseup.net
Sun Jun 14 20:35:50 UTC 2015

Thanks all for the help. I think I may try to move the exit relay over to SolarVPS or another VPS. It’s just a bummer because the relay was advertising ~6-7MB/s bandwidth and using a fair amount of it before people decided to use it for attacks, so I felt like I was contributing to the community.

> On Jun 13, 2015, at 8:36 PM, I <beatthebastards at inbox.com> wrote:
> Trillium,
> I hope this advances your knowledge.
> A couple of days ago one of my exits was threatened with suspension for being 'blacklisted'.
> The VPS business gave me this (below) and was happy when I blocked the ports.
> It is more limiting of TOR but the exit survived.
> " Listing on the Sectoor TOR DNSBL indicates that this IP address is a tor node or a subnet (/24) containing a tor node. This listing does not indicate that your IP address has been blacklisted by Sectoor, as this list also contains subnets that contain a tor node. The subnet listing is not designed to block connections, but rather for use as a scoring mechanism. Your IP will only be blacklisted if it is the tor node itself and listed by Sectoor Exitnodes.
> Sectoor TOR DNSBL lists every IP address which is known to run a tor server and allow their clients to connect to one of the following ports:
>    Port 25
>    Port 194
>    Port 465
>    Port 587
>    Port 994
>    Port 6657
>    Ports 6660-6670
>    Port 6697
>    Ports 7000-7005
>    Port 7070
>    Ports 8000-8004
>    Port 9000
>    Port 9001
>    Port 9998
>    Port 9999
> More information about SECTOOR can be found at their website: http://www.sectoor.de/tor.php
> Robert
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