[tor-relays] More consensus weight problems

Speak Freely when2plus2is5 at riseup.net
Tue Jun 9 18:36:43 UTC 2015

Actually I remembered a third relay having problems.

On Friday last week my provider asked me to rate limit one of my relays
because it was pumping a lot of data. (Unmetered does have its limits,
and I fully appreciate how my provider handled it) I changed the
RelayBandwidth from 100Mbit to 50Mbit, and it almost immediately went
from averaging 75Mbit/each way to about 7 each way. It's consensus
weight dropped like a rock. It's slowly sort of mostly kind of caught
up, now in the 25-35/each way range.

(I can sort of understand why it happened - the network was adjusting
things to deal with the decreased capacity. But it should not have been
such a dramatic drop, then the slow rise. I feel this is little more
than nit-picking on my part, though.)

This sort of seems to be in line with the thread:
[tor-relays] BWAUTH weightings too volatile. . ."twitchy"


When the consensus weight is retarded, so is my relay.

Just thought I'd add that to the list.

Speak Freely

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