[tor-relays] Cheap exit-friedly VPS provider

James Moore hello at jmoore.me
Tue Jun 9 18:18:02 UTC 2015

I'm running two servers through SolarVPS and they were cool with running
exits. Pre-paid $51/year per server. So far so good.



On Tue, Jun 9, 2015 at 10:08 AM, Speak Freely <when2plus2is5 at riseup.net>

> I've got a few relays with PulseServers as well.
> I really like them. I've spoken to the owner Kyle quite a few times. I
> accepted that he is a reseller of OVH, reluctantly, because their abuse
> department are fuc... Nevermind.
> You could try opticservers.com, based in the UK. I have a few relays
> with them. The owner Joe is also very nice. From what I understand, it
> is all his own equipment, so no OVH. 100mbit/s unmetered at ~$7USD (it's
> in British currency, so whatever the conversion rate is for £4). I
> wouldn't suggest the 256MB ram, go for 512/1024.
> If you must go with OVH, then I'd suggest buying a $3 vps as well, and
> don't run a relay on it (keep at least 1 vps "clean"). I lost 11
> annual-subscription relays because all of the relays were blacklisted,
> and that was enough for them to claim the following verbatim:
> "Your account was suspended because 100% of your IPs are blacklisted on
> multiples lists for Spam and other malicious activities.
> This case is closed and this decision is final."
> I checked all of the relays. DanTor reported Tor relays, CBL aggregates
> from DanTor, SpamHaus Zen aggregates from CBL, and those were the only
> blacklists any of my relays were on.
> Of course, I repeatedly contacted them prior to spending all of my money
> on annual subscriptions to make sure it was okay, and I have the emails
> telling me they support it, and they even commented on how important
> these types of projects are. But they still shut down all of my relays
> and kept all of my money.
> Matt
> Speak Freely
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