[tor-relays] Cheap exit-friedly VPS provider

Speak Freely when2plus2is5 at riseup.net
Tue Jun 9 17:08:37 UTC 2015

I've got a few relays with PulseServers as well.

I really like them. I've spoken to the owner Kyle quite a few times. I
accepted that he is a reseller of OVH, reluctantly, because their abuse
department are fuc... Nevermind.

You could try opticservers.com, based in the UK. I have a few relays
with them. The owner Joe is also very nice. From what I understand, it
is all his own equipment, so no OVH. 100mbit/s unmetered at ~$7USD (it's
in British currency, so whatever the conversion rate is for £4). I
wouldn't suggest the 256MB ram, go for 512/1024.

If you must go with OVH, then I'd suggest buying a $3 vps as well, and
don't run a relay on it (keep at least 1 vps "clean"). I lost 11
annual-subscription relays because all of the relays were blacklisted,
and that was enough for them to claim the following verbatim:

"Your account was suspended because 100% of your IPs are blacklisted on
multiples lists for Spam and other malicious activities.
This case is closed and this decision is final."

I checked all of the relays. DanTor reported Tor relays, CBL aggregates
from DanTor, SpamHaus Zen aggregates from CBL, and those were the only
blacklists any of my relays were on.

Of course, I repeatedly contacted them prior to spending all of my money
on annual subscriptions to make sure it was okay, and I have the emails
telling me they support it, and they even commented on how important
these types of projects are. But they still shut down all of my relays
and kept all of my money.

Speak Freely

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