[tor-relays] False exit abuse from server4you

Dr. Who drwho at posteo.is
Sun Jun 7 07:55:14 UTC 2015

Fun fact of the week, I got this abuse email on friday:

"Dear Customer, we've detected that you're running a TOR Exit Node on
your machine. Please understand, that we cannot tolerate such a service
on our infrastructure. Please ensure, that this service is disabled as
soon as possible. Best Regards Your Intergenia Abuse Team"

followed by over 6000 IPv4 numbers including one of my relay server.

First I find it a privacy violation for those other users who might run
any form of tor beeing found on an abuse email to me. It should have
listed only my own IP number.

Secondly I think they should be able to differate between exit and relay

I'm eager to hear their response on Monday. Either they keep relays
running or I quit, monthly payment is a good idea in that case.

Just letting you know...

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