[tor-relays] Updating tor to get fix for #15083? (Elliott Jin)

AlexK (Tor lists) tor-relays at kalex.nl
Fri Jun 5 12:32:05 UTC 2015

tor-relays-request at lists.torproject.org schreef op 05/06/15 om 14:00:

> Updating tor to get fix for #15083? (Elliott Jin)
>   - Is Tor (git-43a5f3d91e726291) actually the newest stable
>     version, or did I mess something up when trying to update tor?
>   - Would it be a good idea to upgrade to an experimental version?

Assuming you're running 'standalone' on *Nix, this is a good place to check:


Here you'll find the latest source (stable/unstable) and the latest
packages for several *Nixes, including simple install instructions.

Latest and greatest is, even if you rely on your package
manager's updates this is what you should have, e.g. on my relay:

$rpm -qa tor

Good luck!

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