[tor-relays] non exit relay shows up as exit in arm connections

Maximilian Kaul tor at maximiliankaul.de
Thu Jun 4 17:58:29 UTC 2015

On 15-06-04 10:52:27, Damian Johnson wrote:
> > arm is outdated AFAIK - atagar is working on a successor.
> Yup, that is correct - a rewrite of arm (now called Nyx) is in the
> works. Arm was a little dumb in how it labels circuits, showing the
> end point as an 'exit' even if a circuit was purely internal. This
> understandably causes confusion on occasion.

Ok. Thanks to both of you.
And yes, I do know that it is possible to operate an exit relay in
Germany but I choose not to because I neither have the time nor the
resources to deal with the problems that according to some Internet
research comes with this.
I simply hope that the relay helps some people.

Sorry for the noise & thanks for the prompt answers.

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